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Roberto Cumaraswamy
Roberto CumaraswamyGrowth Marketing Consultant

As a  growth marketing consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I can help you by bringing over 19 years of marketing experience to your business. Today.

Having held senior marketing roles at both major global companies & SMEs, across a range of industries, I combine both traditional brand & product marketing with the latest digital marketing techniques and tools. Think of me as your ‘CMO on-demand’ for your business.

 Here are some of the companies that i have helped grow over the years…

 By helping them plan, implement & evaluate the following key marketing functions…

Using the latest digital marketing tools such as…

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8 Ways

I Will Help Grow Your Business

  • EVALUATE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL: make sure that it is both profitable and scalable.
  • DEFINE TARGET CUSTOMERS: describe them and understand their pain points so that you can serve them better.
  • SOLVE THEIR PAIN POINT:  position your product/service so that it clearly solves your target customer’s pain point with a relevant and unique value. proposition (USP).
  • MEASURABLE MARKETING PLAN:  Develop clear objectives. Start by identifying what is working, what is not and what is missing. This will help reduce your cost per lead/sale.
  • REACH YOUR PROSPECTS: with a focused communication plan. Don’t try and do everything but rather focus on the most relevant and appropriate platforms for your business model and customers.
  • CAPTURE, TRACK, AUTOMATE: deploy the right digital marketing tools (CMS, marketing automation, email platform, etc) to start generating and converting leads in an efficient, effective and automated fashion. No point getting leads and then wasting them with inefficient systems.
  • OPTIMISE YOUR MARKETING: by testing different options (A/B testing) to identify the best performing campaigns (ads, landing pages, CTAs, etc) so that you can get the best ROI on marketing dollars. No opinions – just results!
  • DEPLOY THE RIGHT TEAM: to run your growth marketing efforts effectively. Give them adequate resources to continue generating new leads that they can convert into customers. Great results require effort from great people!

6 Reasons

Why I Am Uniquely Qualified To Help You Grow Your Business

Here is what people who have
worked with me say…

Roberto is, without doubt, one of the smartest guys I have met. His consumer-oriented background together with his very quantitative analysis of situations gives him a unique vantage point. His straight shooting personality coupled with the above traits makes him someone I would want to work with any time any where.

Nickhil JakatdarNickhil Jakatdar, CEO,

Roberto is a person i trust to be working side by side since he is hard working, dedicated to his job and an asset to have with you. He is a person who thinks thru in different angles before recommending his views. He needs minimal supervision and can lead people to bring the best out of them.

Kevin HenryKevin Henry, Group Head of Data & VAS, INDOSAT

Roberto had the perfect profile to work in L’Oreal. He helped to bring an international flavor and ambiance to L’Oreal in Malaysia and succeeded in working across different hierarchical levels and cultures. He provided good directions to his team and was not one to back away from tough challenges.

Alvin Hew, Managing Director & Head of APAG Asia Pacific at The Abraaj Group

Roberto is one of the smartest Telco executives that I have had the pleasure to work with. I have found him to be very consumer-focused, action-oriented and quantitative in all scenarios. These traits coupled with his ability to drive a results-oriented culture with his team make him an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ashwin PuriAshwin Puri, Head of APAC, LiveRail at FACEBOOK

What set Roberto apart from other telco professionals is his ability to comprehend the trends and no-nonsense attitude in problem solving. He believes in what he does and willing to go the distance to see it succeed. He is thorough with strong quantitative analysis but also decisive, flexible and fast.

Andy Zain, Founder, Mountain Kejora Ventures, MigMe, The Founder Institute

Roberto is always a few steps ahead in his thought process. He is able to articulate clearly what he wants across the organisation…a key characteristics of a leader. His marketing & strategy skills were apparent when he created and managed the successful XPAX Youth program at CELCOM.

Vicks Kanagasingam, Vice President APAC, INTERSEC Group

I Can Grow Your Business

by helping you implement the following Growth Marketing principles.

Know Your Customers

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Customer Strategy

Have you clearly defined your various customer groups? Do you know what their pain points are? Do you understand what and how they seek for your kind of products? Is your product high or low involvement for them? I help you clearly answer those questions via a combination of consumer, competitive and digital research tools

Target Their Pain Point

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Product Positioning

If your product is not solving your prospect’s problems then you have no business. How does your offering help them beyond the obvious functional utility? Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to create standout? I help you position your product towards your prospect for positive expectancy which leads to massive conversion.

Deploy The Right Tools & Team

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What tools & team do you need to run your growth strategy? With hundreds of digital tools out there – search engines, social networks, marketing automation – how do you decide what to use and what not to use? I help you decide and setup the right tools depending on your customers’and your needs – saving you time and money.

Convert Prospects into Leads

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Lead Capture Strategy

At the heart of growth marketing is increasing your lead capture success rate. I help you implement key elements (Hook, CTA, & Lead Magnet) to maximise your capture rate via split-testing different versions of those elements. This results in lower acquisition cost BEFORE you start spending money to advertise.

Optimise Sales Conversion

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Sales Strategy

Once you start generating leads how do you ensure the greatest number of them become actual paying customers?Depending on your business’sales process i help you optimize conversions via automated lead nurturing, online & offline follow-up & tracking, re-targetting and up-selling/cross-selling strategies.

Maximise Traffic To Grow

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Traffic Generation Strategy

Once your processes are optimised you need to feed your sales machine with massive traffic. But how? What promotional strategies should you use? How much can you spend on promo for each sale?  I help you decide and grow using digital ads, email/content marketing, social media, referrals & SEO.

About Me

I’m a results focused marketing professional with over 19 years of experience at a senior management level in a range of industries (Education, Telco, FMCG, Beauty/Fashion & Advertising) and company types from MNCs to SMEs. I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I have deep experience in the full marketing process – strategy, research, product development, pricing, distribution and merchandising, advertising, media, events, PR and digital marketing. I have built and led marketing teams from 5 to 25 people and dealt with numerous agencies and marketing partners.
I love identifying and solving growth problems that may be known or are just around the corner. Clarity of purpose and forward motion turn me on. Indecisiveness and bureaucracy are my kryptonite.
  • Grew CTOS’ business leads by 300% in span of 3 months, which resulted in 2x sales.
  • +50% website traffic, +200% increase in student enquiries for IMU which resulted in 2 consecutive years of double-digit admissions growth.
  • Launched 21 new services for XL Axiata (Indonesia) over 8 months. +35% revenue growth (USD8mil) across 15 million customers.
  • Revamped XPAX and launched  2 new brands (UOX/SOX) for Celcom Axiata to grow youth market share by 7.4% by acquiring 800,000 new customers over 2 years for RM80 mil additional revenue.
I am of mixed heritage – my mum is Italian and my dad is Malaysian. Born in KL (Malaysia) i then went on to Milan (Italy) and Exeter (England) over the next 21 years. This multi-cultural experience allows me to feel at home both in Asia as well as in Europe.
I have been living and working in KL, Malaysia since 1998, with a 1 year stint in Indonesia in 2009/10.
I am fluent in English and Italian. I can fake my French by adding a few accents here and there!
Love: gaming (i’ll Pwn you on Call of Duty!), running, cooking Italian food and my ‘kids’ – Marmite the dog &  the cats, Jedi and MooMoo.
Hate: Durian (an Asian fruit), Brussel sprouts and anyone who tells me to eat less pasta – because “Gluten is so bad you know?!”

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